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How it Works

ItAllCounts has partnered with hundreds of local and national companies you know and trust. These companies believe in our philosophy of helping you support your school, alumni association, charitable foundation or other non-profits. They know by helping now America is stronger in the future. They also believe in our philosophy to help you save for your own personal goals. The generous contributions listed on our web site given by our retailers and service companies are split evenly between you and your organization. This sharing of contributions helps you support those you care about and save money for yourself. You can even ask friends to join and they can support your organization and save money for their own personal goals. And, it is free to join for you, your friends and your organization!
Traditional fundraising can be an overwhelming process for organizations and their members. The workload for those in charge is most times overwhelming. ItAllCounts simplifies the fundraising process. There is shared revenue between the organization, the organization members and ItAllCounts without changing consumer spending habits. Our program gives everyone an easier, more beneficial way to support schools, alumni associations, charitable foundations and other non-profit organizations, and in turn, help the community. Once our program is launched, it is easy to administer and ItAllCounts provides the opportunity to your organization to receive ever-expanding revenue.
If you are in charge of your organization and want to join the ItAllCounts program, rest assured that we do not ask for your database of membership or for your email addresses. We do provide a detailed marketing approach that is incredibly simple. You have complete control of all procedures. Our service consultants will help you every step of the way. We will provide you simple to follow manuals as well. Contact us at info@itallcounts.com and we will give you dedicated, personal attention.
We are not asking you or your members to buy anything you or they don't already use, purchase or want. All we are asking is that every organization member makes his or her purchases count through your ItAllCounts program. One purchase at a time, purchase after purchase, members are a continuous contributor to your organization. And, to your school, alumni association, charitable foundation or non-profit organization every dollar counts. You count!