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Why It's Important to Contribute to Education:

Persistently high unemployment and weak state economies put increasing pressures on state and institutional budgets and student and family resources.
States face record shortfalls as the recession has continued to hamper state tax collections, the cost of providing services is rising and emergency federal aid has largely been depleted.
The cumulative effect of years of lagging revenues has led to budget-cutting of historic proportions, causing states to make deep, identifiable cuts in funding to K - 12 and higher education. Even as states face higher enrollment numbers and higher costs, the vast majority is spending less.
The result? Weakened schools and increased student/family hardship:
  • School finance systems intended to reduce disparities between high- and low-wealth school districts are undermined.
  • A decrease in school and district staffing and other cut backs equals direct and indirect job loss.
  • Larger class sizes and limits in building maintenance and supplies, such as textbooks, put a strain on the quality of education students are receiving.
  • At the college level, rising tuition costs (a cumulative increase of 52% since 2009), while average incomes have decreased, creating more of a burden for students and their families.