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About Us

ItAllCounts provides consulting services and processes that help fund education and support local communities. Our platforms enable a portion of purchases made by supporters to be contributed to their personal account and a school or non-profit organization of their choice.
Our cofounders have extensive experience in both fundraising and education. Over the years, we've watched states cut funding and education suffer as a result. As parents, college graduates and members of our community, we felt a social responsibility to contribute in any way we could. Traditional fundraising efforts, while well intended, put an undo burden on school staff, parents and students. We knew there had to be a better way!
So, we developed a marketing/software organization with a strategic relationship with major retailers and service providers throughout the United States. The ItAllCounts platform allows consumers to buy everyday products online (at the same price or even at a savings) to help generate funding for Education (Schools, School Districts and Individual College Savings Accounts), Churches, College Alumni Associations and Non-Profit Organizations.
Our goal is to enable EVERY purchase a consumer makes (hard goods, soft goods and services, whether online or in-store) to help fund education (students, family and schools) or a non-profit organization.
ItAllCounts helps generate funds for schools and other non-profit organizations, helps fund the student and the family AND helps local and national businesses... A WIN-WIN-WIN!

The ItAllCounts Team

47 years of fundraising experience

  • Worked with fundraising suppliers and manufactures in the U.S. and China
  • Supplied Fundraising products to over 500 Fundraising Distributors/Companies throughout the U.S. and Canada
  • Sold fundraising products to K-12 public and private schools, Churches, Youth sports leagues, Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts and many more non-profit organizations

22 years of higher education experience

  • Building and starting new College campuses throughout the U.S.
  • Executive leadership for academics, marketing strategy, community development, library services, admissions, financial aid, student services and technology services including delivery of online education.
  • Helped Colleges and Universities advance their technology by managing networks, supporting academics and administrative applications, and by redesigning curriculum for today's learners.