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What It Is

ItAllCounts is an online shopping platform that enables members to make purchases through local and national retailers and contribute a percentage of those purchases to their school/district, alumni association, church or other  non-profit organization and their own personal account.
Join — Each organization has its own custom landing page, which includes organization information, a total of funds raised to date and a form for members to sign up.  An individual landing page is then created for the member and a link to the page can be sent to family and friends inviting them to register and participate.
Shop — Once registered, members can begin contributing immediately... just by logging on to ItAllCounts.com before they begin shopping! Thanks to the generous contributions of our participating retailers, shoppers pay the same prices they would outside of the ItAllCounts Program. As an added benefit, ItAllCounts offers members exclusive offers and discounts and an easy-to-use search feature so they can easily find the products and services they need at best value.
Save / Give — Every time a purchase is made within the ItAllCounts network, a percentage is automatically deposited into the member's personal account and into his or her school/district, alumni association, church or other non-profit organization account.  At any time, members are able to check their own contribution history as well as total contributions made to their non-profit organization.
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